Got Quirk? The meme-based annual hackathon. Memes, internet antics, more. Have fun.

it's better to be quirky. come discover and expand the limits of your quirkiness and creativity while innovating, designing, and exploring technology. the most exciting and anticipated experience under the title of "hackathon" you will ever be a part of.

located in the chicago innovation exchange (CIE), a beautiful incubator space, you will get to spend 24 hours hacking away with memes and cutting edge technology for facetime with companies, learning experiences with mentors, and an unforgettable memory. dank? nah, uncommon.

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  • Participants Individuals with '.edu' emails are encouraged to apply. High school students will be considered on a case by case basis. Working both on a team and individually works - if you don't have a team yet and would like to be on one, we will host speed dating before the event to meet some other awesome participants. If you are dying to come and are local or require no reimbursements, hit us up at
  • Sponsors Interested in sponsoring or learning more about the hackathon from a recruiter's perspective? Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. 
  • Large Insects Any one or multiple insects over 35 pounds will be allowed into the hackathon. Please note that we have the right to deny entrance to any unwelcomed creature.


dont hack what u know. dont hack what u want. hack what u deserve

where's waldo?

How to enter

applications are now closed. we're thrilled with the amount of interest this year and can't wait to make this weekend gr8. plz check back next year to apply for the BeSt HACKKathoN of THe YeAr!


******TO SUBMIT****** to FUNcommon hacks:

1 create an account on Devpost

2 assign all teammates to a draft submission


4 get your final product together. if desired, have screenshots or video demos uploaded and ready to go

5 submit that thing. dont look back. have no regrets

6 watch top submissions present and demo 

7 wait around and find out the 1 tru winner of Uncommon Hacks Spr16 <3 <3 <3 

 Want a prize? Find Waldo!



Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams
Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist at Clarifai

Jeremy Edberg

Jeremy Edberg
Cofounder at CloudNative

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How often have we seen this idea before? Is there anything particularly unique about this. Is this on the market?
  • Complexity
    Level of technical difficulty? What technologies were used in the creation of this project?
  • Execution
    Does the product serve its designated purpose? Is the UI nice? Does everything come together and function properly?
  • Quirkiness and Uniqueness
    Is this aesthetic? How does it fit within our theme.